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Mohamed Djellil SAYAH

Mohamed Djéllil SAYAH

PDG du MANAL / ancien DG de l'ENG

Mohamed Djellil SAYAH


Wilaya de Mila

Algeria in figures

In Algeria, numerous construction projects generate a strong material consumption.

Valuation of aggregate needs :
300 millions

Valuation of sand needs :
150 millions tons /year

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Sétif, a strategic situation.

Located in the east of the country, the region of Béjaïa concentrates the majority of quarries and cement plants of Algeria

A dynamic economy

Production of 29.6 million tonnes of cement in 2018, 2020 target: to exceed 40 million tonnes. In 2018, 1984 mining permits in force - 17 cement plants in operation.

Major projects

  • Opening of 2 new cement plants and extensions of 2 others by GICA Group
  • 5 private cement plant opening projects
  • A budget of 10 billion DA for industrial mineral research (calcium carbonate, phosphate, baryte ..)
  • Extension of the Sétif tramway on 3 routes under construction
  • Construction of 54,000 homes and a 45,000-seat stadium

The aggregates sector


  • Almost all the aggregates come from heavy rocks, principally limestone.
  • Sands come from rivers, sand quarries and limestone crushing.
  • Aggregate production (sands included) is estimated to 80-100 millions tons/year.

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  • There are 110 sand quarries, almost all of them are private.
  • The offer is very scattered.
  • Some companies own several quarries (ENG, ALGRAN, COSIDER, TP companies) but there are as many quarries as companies.


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  • Big infrastructures projects leaded to a very strong aggregates demand.
  • Rating: 445 MT including 159 MT sand.
  • The aggregate requirements will be of the same order of magnitude.


  • The Mining Law force the operators undertaking environment conservation.
  • The evolution of civil society and the real control enforcement will compel the quarries dealing seriously with dust problem.

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