The 11th Meetings will take place on 27 and 28 March in Setif at the Four Points Business Center. Tuesday, March 26 in the afternoon you can visit quarry in the region on registration.


The last editions have each time gathered an average of 300 operators and more than 60 suppliers of materials and services (Algerian and European). These highly appreciated meetings today have become a real place of commercial and technical exchanges.


During 2 days, you will be able to meet around offices put at your disposal, many operators of the sectors of the mines, quarries, cement works, brickworks and public works in a friendly and working climate.

Personalized appointments

The CCIAF organizes for you, tailor-made meetings, with operators according to criteria that you define. Relevant interviews of about 30 minutes to concretize promising projects.


This year a technical visit is proposed the day before the event, upon registration. The technical visit takes place in a quarry 20 km from Setif, one of the largest and most successful in Algeria.

We decided to continue coupling the event with the Rencontres du Vrac, which was a great success during the first edition.


Mohamed Djéllil SAYAH

PDG du MANAL / ancien DG de l'ENG


Wilaya de Mila

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In an effort to lower their import bills for raw materials, Algeria wants to re-open old mining sites in order to enhance their resources.

This program will result in the investment of equipment and materials.

Source MANAL*

MANAL: Manadjim El Djaza´r, its object, both in Algeria and abroad, is to develop the exploration of the national mining domain with a view to highlighting new mineral resources.

New this year !

Customized appointements

CCIAF organized for you custom-fitted appointments with operators, according criteria you define. Relevant interviews of about 30 min to make concrete booming projects.